Our new fight in Vietnam

Above image: Hội An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam

This week on Full Measure, Scott Thuman takes us to Vietnam. We lost a war against communism there decade ago, with China supporting the North Vietnamese. Today, we’re back in Vietnam fighting China again, but on economic grounds. We’ll explain why it matters.

Privates First Class Carl Baden (New Orleans, Louisiana) and Arcadio Carrion (Puerto Rico) of Company B, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, laying in the mud waiting for artillery to knock out the 50 Cal. Machine gun bunker that has them pinned down in a tree line at My Tho. April 4, 1968 Credit: SP4 Dennis J. Kurpius, 221st Signal Company

Watchdogs at the Project on Government Oversight will take us inside the government’s secretive Office of Legal Counsel as they try to uncover hidden documents and rulings that could impact all of us.

And we’ll have a fascinating story of a man who’s archiving all of those charts that members of Congress take onto the House floor to make their point. They range from funny — to ineffective. He’ll show us his favorites.

More original reporting you won’t see anywhere else! We won’t rehash news you’ve already seen all week. See viewing options below!

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