2023 Mar 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


You've likely heard about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and wondered what it means. Jeffrey A. Tucker says the collapse of SVB portends real dangers just ahead.

If a banking collapse has begun, why now? As Alexandra Bruce points out, it's not like there are a number of inconvenient truths from which we need to be distracted.

Anthony Fauci may yet go down in history as one of the greatest unelected tyrants of all time. To understand how people like Fauci come to power, check out Robert E. Wright's essay on Faucism's New Deal origins.

As crazy as things are getting, there's plenty of reason to remain optimistic. J.B. Shurk has a powerful message about liberting ourselves from dystopia. It starts with increasing our commitment to truth.

With all the carnage that arose during the covid lockdowns, some clear lessons have emerged. John Tamny reminds us that is that freedom is always the answer–regardless of virus origins.


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