2023 Mar 15 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Government shouldn't be shielding bankers from the consequences of their actions. Jacob Hornberger asks, why not let banks fail?

Politicians are suggesting that the taxpayer-funded assistance being offered failing banks is somehow, "not a bailout." Thomas L. Knapp disagrees with that claim and makes the case that this is, in fact, a bailout.

The greatest danger and opportunity of our current monetary crisis is that it will be used to implement a government-controlled digital currency. James Howard Kunstler describes our money troubles.

Sorry if this sounds strident but the folks who pushed the Jan 6 narrative while carefully omitting crucial context that the security footage has provided, have crossed a line. Julie Kelly explains what the 'spill' of FBI secrets is revealing about our politicized system of justice.

Some caught on quickly, others have yet to recognize that the face mask was more of a symbol of submission than a protection. D. Parker lays out why the masks are a metaphor for how the far left feels about freedom.


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