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Look out! Congress is stepping up to "help" the American people with a new ride-sharing safety bill. As Satya Marar points out, this new law would empower bureaucrats at the expense of businesses, drivers and rides alike.

If the warnings of growing tyranny and authoritarianism sound too much like Chicken Little, maybe it's time to listen to people who've lived under genuine totalitarianism. Despite all the left-wing hyperventilating about how Trump is about to impose a fascist police state, Rod Dreher explains that the most likely source of authoritarianism today is the political left.

Maybe it's just the election year but there sure seems to be a lot of revolutionary fervor in the streets these days. Bradley J. Birzer shares a fascinating take on the 10 conditions necessary for revolution.

Lovers of freedom owe a great debt to Sweden for showing the world that lockdowns are not the only way to deal with a pandemic. Christopher Snowdon explains how the Swedes have destroyed the case for resorting to extreme measures to address the virus.

Is Covid-19 panic becoming the new state religion? Thomas L. Knapp makes a pretty convincing argument that the dogma driving current policies is anything but scientific.

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