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The movie Red Dawn had a dramatic impact on me as a teenager. So much so that we refer to it as "the historical training documentary" in my household. Jeffery A. Tucker explains how we've just experienced a Red Dawn scenario with the Covid-19 lockdowns. And it's the government, not the virus, that has become our enemy.

We are currently seeing our nation brought to its knees. Not by an invisible virus but by the conscious decision to abandon the exact principles that once made it great. Ethan Yang has a brilliant explanation of why principles still matter in a pandemic.

I love Barry Brownstein's writing. He is insightful, principled and always has a perspective that leaves me feeling a bit better informed. Having said that, I struggled a bit with his latest essay on not scapegoating businesses over mask mandates. I still believe he has a point well worth considering. Government divides us while markets bring us together. We should be cautious about fighting separation with more separation.

If you get the sense that the lockdowns have very little to do with protecting us from a disease, and more to do with keeping us in fear, you're not alone. Dr. Michael Yeadon has a powerful piece on lies, damned lies and statistics – the deadly danger of false positives.

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