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A groundswell of pushback against the Covid-19 lockdown and mask policies is growing in Utah County. Rep. Marc Roberts is circulating a draft of a resolution to end the state of emergency and clip the governor's wings by restricting his ability to keep locking the state down.

For those who live in or near the Wasatch Front, please consider attending the rally organized by the Utah Business Revival this Friday at 6pm at the historic courthouse in Provo, Utah.

How did so many cities and even countries go from a spike in positive Covid-19 tests to a forever lockdown mentality? Brendan O'Neill shares a perspective from across the Atlantic and describes the chilling reality of how his government has realigned into open authoritarianism.

Election year notwithstanding, I believe the issue causing the most unnecessary conflict among us today is mandatory facemarks. Don't believe me? Go out in public without one. Or walk up to someone without one and remind them that they should be wearing one. No matter how diplomatic you are, chances are very high, in either case, that you'll see pushback. This issue is keeping us fighting amongst ourselves when we should be focusing our energy on the opportunistic officials who are pushing this nonsense.

Mike Wittman has compiled a great list of 10 reasons that he won't wear a face mask.

While the vast majority of America's rioters and revolutionaries are young people, that's no reason to write them all off as irredemable. Jay Schalin has written an interesting piece about four young men who may carry our nation through these tough times. It's certain to trigger some folks.

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