The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 9-3-2020

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One of the biggest challenges we face is allowing our love of liberty to outweigh our hatred of our foes. It's especially tough when people are treating you hatefully. Jeff Minnick has a great take on how even our most strident opponents are worthy of pity for darkness in their hearts.

The current face mask controversy is revealing just how difficult it can be to establish and maintain your personal boundaries. Allen Stevo has solid advice on how to stand your ground when someone is trying to bully you. This advice applies to a lot more than just the wearing of face masks.

If you like to post your thoughts on Facebook, you'll want to pay attention to their new "terms of service" update that kicks in on October 1. Joe Martino explains how the tech giant is doubling down on its soft censorship in order to stamp out what it deems WrongThink.

Given the recent revelation that deaths caused solely by Covid-19 were far lower than originally thought, it's curious that there's still a major push for a mandatory vaccine. Barry Brownstein takes a closer look at how government sells us fear and sickness. This is powerful intellectual ammo for anyone who isn't waiting for Dr. Fauci to tell them what to do.

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