BOOGALOO – Plandemic Losing Interest… So Now Here Comes Civil War, Martial Law and the Troops

In the video, I mention a guy with an earpiece potentially being an agent provocateur, we later learned that it turned out this man was a German citizen and not an agent. If you want more information on that specifically, check out this video: ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Sign up to free email list at: Subscribe to the The Dollar Vigilante newsletter: Check Out Our New Channel The Lucy and Jeff Show: Our Bitchute Channel: Our LBRY Channel: TDV on 153 News: New video page New resources page Covid Is a Hoax Flyer: Brave Browser: Intro from Change the System: Intro Music TrackSaru-G – Change The System (Music Track): CNN getting arrested: protesters smashing glass and police cars at CNN headquarters: – White house protests George Floyd Worked As Security Guard With Officer That Killed Him: Agent Provocateur: Predator Drone Circles: Ohio Riots: So that’s where all the cops went to! Minneapolis police officers abandoned the 3rd precinct building: ttps:// White Man Breaks Autozone Windows: US Camera Phones Expose Racism/Statism: – RACE WAR: a poem about racism by Benny Wills: Future Tech For a Covid Safe World (proximity tracker) – Max Igan: The United Nations New World Order Project: 98.1% Of 'COVID-19 Deaths' In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition The Most Important Coronavirus Statistic: 42% Of U.S. Deaths Are From 0.6% Of The Population: Nursing Home Residents Account For 81% Of Covid Deaths: Bizarre Weather Phenomenon May 2020:

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