Ep 35 — EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein’s Mentor & Business Partner SPILLS ALL THE BEANS; Reveals How Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Made ILLEGAL Millions. It Wasn’t by Trading on Wall Street. The FEDs Allowed the Duo to Traffic Underage Girls & More for decades

Thomas Paine Podcast

Mike Moore


Jeffrey Epstein’s Mentor & Longtime Business Partner SPILLS THE BEANS in Rare Interview with Paine. Steven Hoffenberg reveals How Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Made Millions in Illicit $$$. How did Epstein Make His Money? It Wasn’t by Trading on Wall Street. And Who Allowed this Duo to Break Laws, Traffic Underage Girls & More for decades? The FEDs, even selling Hoffenberg`out to keep international Intel assets Epstein & Maxwell in play. 
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