Twitter Voluntarily Gave Private User Data to the Senate Who Gave it to the Democratic Operatives

Private Twitter metadata included “IP address and device ID” and potentially user geolocation data that only Twitter retains internally that is not made available to the public.

E.g. When you tweet an image from your phone, for security measures, Twitter strips away your geolocation metadata (latitude/longitude coordinates) embedded in the images before they actually get published to your feed, but the metadata she has access to may still contain the geolocation data that the public does not have access to. Such data could include cell phone numbers, email addresses, and any other identifiable data about the device used and who knows what since Twitter’s privacy policy change where they have begun to track user’s web usage on and off the platform.

The CNN segment in the first few minutes of this video came out 2 days before the story broke on the fake Russian troll bot scandal revealed in a internal report via NY Times. Renee is Director of Research at New Knowledge, the company who was behind the scandal and is a known operative actively working to pass vaccine mandates in every state.

Video Credits and Attributes:

1.) CNN video with DiResta – CNN pushing narrative that the other social media companies didn’t give up enough private user data
Report: social platforms could’ve given more Russia data to Senate
Posted by CNN Replay
December 17, 2018

2.) Berkeley SB 277 – Renee DiResta’s Tantrum
Berkeley CA – Regular City Council Meeting – 700 p.m. – Mar 17th, 2015.mp4
Support of CA Senate Bill 277: End California’s Vaccine Exemption Loophole

3.) Hillary Clinton with Renee DiResta Photo Facebook post screenshot –
UPDATE: Twitter Falsely Accused of Passing #DeepStateDiResta’s Info to Stalkers – June 2, 2016

4.) Russian trolls and Twitter bots exploit vaccine controversy By Carolyn Y. Johnson August 23, 2018

5.) Democratic operatives created fake Russian bots to link Russia to Roy Moore in Alabama election
Dec. 20, 2018 – 2:11

6.) DiResta’s Russian troll Tweet “antivax” smear:

7.) She Warned of ‘Peer-to-Peer Misinformation.’ Congress Listened. By Sheera Frenkel
NY Times Nov. 12, 2017

8.) Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – July 3, 2018

9.) Russian Targeting of Election Infrastructure During the 2016 Election: Summary of Initial Findings and Recommendations
May 8, 2018

10.) Quote at the end:

Additional background and links:

BREAKING: Here’s The After-Action Report From the Alabama Senate Disinformation Campaign

CNN runs narrative that Facebook/Instagram and Youtube did not provide enough private info to the Senate (like their beloved Twitter voluntarily did).

US News runs article using DiResta to push a narrative that links the fake Russian accounts (she likely created) with accounts that post about Qanon, Pizzagate, and vaccines.

Gizmodo runs article with DiResta to push narrative that bots are pushing anti-vaccine narrative:

Twitter tracks your other web usage:

Original source:

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