Vax Pushers Won’t Debate Dr. Toni Bark


This is a compilation of challenges made by the legend Toni Bark, M.D. to various Vax Pushers on Twitter to have a formal public debate on vaccine science. And no matter how much she would humiliate them in the process, not one single pusher had the intellectual courage to take her up on it. Also included below are some videos that demonstrate why none of them will ever attempt to.


Dr. Toni Bark Calls Out Peter Hotez MD for Being a Coward and Spreading Misinformation


Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Dorit Reiss to a Debate


Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Career Vax Pusher Timothy Caulfield to a Public Debate



Dr. Toni Bark Challenged Henning Tveit to a Debate and Promised to Kick His Ass ?

Henning tucks tail and blocks Dr. Bark



Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Seth Macfarlane and Sean Penn to a Public Debate on Vaccines



Fox News Cancels Invite To Host Debate With Dr. Toni Bark and Paul Offit

Turns out it was Offit who backed out.



Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Actor Bill Nye to Debate



Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Stephen Neidenbach of “We Love GMOs and Vaccines” to a Debate on Vaccines and Glyphosate

No joke, this guy operates as a self proclaimed “organization devoted to promoting biotechnology and exposing those who wish to demonize it.”



Dr. Toni Bark Defends RFK Jr and Challenges Vax Pusher to Debate Him

See how much this loser Nicolas Denver has spent stalking her tweets but won’t have a public debate with her.



Dr. Toni Bark Challenges Vax-Troll to Get Caught Up On Their Vaccines and Debate Her


Dr. Toni Bark Challenges “Health Writer” Gwynne Hogan to Debate


Dr. Toni Bark has pointed out several times how Vax Pushers are always available to troll her on social media but conveniently unavailable to debate her formally in public.



Why Won’t They Debate Dr Toni Bark?

This video should give you a clue.


Thank you Toni!

Posted by VaXism on Friday, February 8, 2019

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