The People’s Truth – Episode 2 – Psychology of Oppression June 26

in this episode, we are going to be discussing the Psychology of Oppression – People’s Willing March Into Totalitarian Control.
If you are anything like me, the last several months have seemed like a bizarre dream. Watching the entire globe shut down over a mysterious virus that appeared out of nowhere. That is, unless you have been paying attention … after all, didn’t Fauci say in 2017 that Trump would face a “surprise pandemic” during his presidency? Seems Bill Gates had an idea this was coming, considering last October he held the Event 201 which modeled a CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC and passed out little coronavirus plushie to attendants. There’s more, of course, but the point is that these globalist elites have been planning for what is happening right now for a very long time. If you know where to look you can see them telling the world what they are going to do. Why on earth, you may ask, would they TELL US what they are planning to do? The answer to that question is a very deep rabbit hole. It has to do with the fact that the elites believe they rule by consent. They HAVE TO tell us what they are doing, and if we do not revolt, they believe they have our consent. So they tell us what they are doing through Hollywood movies and television shows, through mainstream media, music, video games and printed materials. They tell us through their documents. Their patents. The books – fiction and “NON” fiction. They tell us through education and academia … they tell us through science and they tell us though history and especially, through war.
It is a constant barrage of information, and we receive it consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. We are surrounded by so much information in so many forms including onces we cannot even perceive without a device to “receive” … EMF and microwave, radio and satellite … it is 24/7 and we have no way to tune it out.
One thing that I have found extremely unsettling is how compliant people have become in such a short period of time. But is it really all because of the event of the last 6 months? Or have we, as a people on this planet, been slowly led to this place for longer than we realize? That’s exactly what I want to talk to my guest today about! Henna Maria is an activist, speaker, writer, and practitioner of sacred healing arts, which she learned with the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon rainforest along with her husband Richard. Together they now run Wistin Origins healing sanctuary. In 2019 Henna founded the peace organization Dawn of Peace. Her activism focuses on educating people about the spiritual reality of life, human and animal rights, medical freedom, and sovereignty. In 2020, Henna became one of the co-creators of the Summer of Light movement for health, freedom, and harmony.
You can find Henna’s website and follow her work on Facebook:
Dawn of Peace

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