MoD Vows To Investigate Video Of British Army Soldiers Using Jeremy Corbyn Poster For Target Practice


A video of a group of British soldiers using a large poster of Labour leader and avowed Marxist Jeremy Corbyn for target practice has provoked outrage in the UK and prompted the Ministry of Defense to launch an investigation, Sky News reports.

Corbyn, who will be meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday to discuss a possible Brexit compromise, has drawn the ire of the armed services due to his support for cuts to the defense budget and UK’s nuclear arsenal, as well as his tacit support for the government of Venezuela.


The cellphone footage, which has since gone viral, was initially posted to Snapchat before finding its way to Twitter. Though it’s unclear when the video was filmed, it’s believed that the shooting exercise took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, where soldiers carry out “guardian-angel” drills – ironically, practice to protect celebrities and government officials. In the video, the poster of Corbyn was accompanied by a label that read: “Happy with that.”

In a statement released Wednesday, the Army said “we are aware of a video circulating on social media. This behavior is totally unacceptable and falls well below the high standards the army expects. A full investigation has been launched.”

Labour lawmakers condemned the video, pointing out that it has circulated during a particularly charged time. A Labour MP who was allegedly targeted for murder in a neo-Nazi plot shared her experience during Wednesday’s PMQs…

“I was to be murdered to send a message to this place,” Rosie Cooper said. “Members of this House are regularly abused and attacked. Our freedoms, our way of life, our democracy is under threat.”

…eliciting a sympathetic reply from Speaker Bercow.

“By this sort of poisonous fascistic bile, we will not be cowed,” Bercow said. “And the sooner the purveyors of hate, of fascism, of Nazism, of a death cult realize that, the better.”

According to the BBC, the soldiers in the video were from the UK Army’s Third Battalion, and part of a parachute regiment known as 3 Para.

A Labour Party spokesman denounced the video as “alarming and unacceptable” but said the party has confidence in the MoD to investigate the incident.

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