MSNBC Anchor On Avenatti Arrest: “My Head Is Officially Going To Explode”


Monday has probably been the single most embarrassing day for members of “the resistance” and their partners in the cable news media since Nov. 7, 2016. Not only did Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald trash the Russian collusion narrative as a “total fraud and scam” and “the saddest media spectacle I’ve ever seen,” but the arrest of former Stormy Daniels attorney, one-time 2020 wannabe and prominent Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti has sent cable news reporters combing through their feeds to hastily delete any embarrassing tweets and photos.

Before Avenatti’s myriad personal scandals – ranging from physical abuse to stiffing former employees – finally caught up with him, he was a darling on left-leaning shows that aligned themselves with the “#resistance” – mostly on MSNBC and CNN.

And now that he has been indicted by two different sets of federal prosecutors (on opposing coasts, no less) for trying to extort more than $20 million from Nike (a blue-chip company, no less), these same journalists who cozied up to Avenatti and helped inflate his presidential ambitions now find themselves in an extremely awkward position.

Understandably, Avenatti’s arrest, which seemingly came out of nowhere, was a lot to process for the pundit set.  And no one articulated this sense of frustration and utter embarrassment better than MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi, who said Monday afternoon that his “head is going to officially explode” after news that Avenatti had been arrested on charges of extortion, bank fraud and embezzling money from clients broke.

“My head is officially going to explode,” Velshi said to NBC News Investigations reporter Tom Winter. “I don’t understand what this is about.”

Velshi then complimented Avenatti, calling him “one of the finest people in American in terms of his ability to garner publicity.”

To put all of this in context: Avenatti was booked on cable news shows – primarily CNN and MSNBC – roughly 200 times in 2018.

That’s a lot of air time for America’s favorite “creepy porn lawyer.”

Watch the clip from Velshi’s report below:

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