The Macedonian “Name Deal” Is A Dystopian Nightmare Of Totalitarian Control


Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Marketed as a long-awaited diplomatic breakthrough to a supposedly irreconcilable identity issue, the “name deal” represents nothing less than the full and total capitulation of the post-“constitutional coup” Macedonian authorities to their Greek neighbors with implications that stretch far and beyond simply fast tracking Skopje’s subsequent membership to the EU and NATO.

Regardless of how one might personally feel about the finer details of this dispute, it’s undeniable that the “resolution” being presented in the agreement is really just a thinly veiled cover for implementing a new type of post-modern control, one which will basically turn the Republic of Macedonia into a Greek puppet state whose people will continue to undergo socio-political experiments prior to having the “perfected” form of this model rolled out all across the EU.

To explain, the various “joint” structures that are created by this document will enable Greece to determine what Macedonian schoolchildren learn by granting Athens the power to censor their textbooks and affiliated materials.

Furthermore, undefined “politically incorrect” concepts and so-called “propaganda” that vaguely allude to what the document describes as being “likely to incite violence, hatred, or hostility” through the purported promotion of “chauvinism, hostility, irredentism and revisionism” are banned, with the Macedonian authorities being obligated to prosecute any person or organization that Greece accuses of violating these terms.

Not only that, but the Macedonian government officially agrees to consider the Greek-controlled region of Macedonia as constituting “Hellenic civilization, history, culture, and heritage…from antiquity to present day.”

Simply put, private citizens will be forbidden under pain of legal punishment from publicly referring to their ethnic Macedonian family members who fled what they refer to as Aegean Macedonia (a term that will also presumably be banned) unless they openly identify as “Greek” or “Hellenic”, as doing otherwise might risk Athens’ ire in being perceived as “inciting violence, hatred, or hostility” through “chauvinism, hostility, irredentism and revisionism”, which is an unprecedented affront to all patriotic Macedonians who care about their family’s roots.

The “politically correct” police state that’s forming in the Republic of Macedonia is therefore a dystopian nightmare of epic proportions that might eventually spread to other countries in the coming years if the EU weaponizes this model as a means for systematically deconstructing their national identities prior to incorporating them into a “federation of regions” to replace the existing union of nation-states.

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