Dorit Reiss on Criminal Laws for Vaccination in the U.S.

Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law flirts with the idea of having criminal laws for mandatory vaccination in the U.S. While she does not come out in full support of criminal laws at this time, she does appear to be implying they would be constitutional to enforce them. As the subscribers of this channel already know, vaccine mandates would only be constitutional in a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany. 0:08 Notice the hard breathing response from Arthur Caplan (Professor of Bioethics) immediately when Dori mentions the criminal laws in Italy? Kind of seemed like a warning to her that she may be entering shallow waters (so to speak), by bringing up the subject of using criminal laws to increase vaccination rates. Under his breath Arthur be like: "Doh!…..Don't go there yet, Dorit. We're still working on compulsory laws in every state. We're not at the criminal phase yet." FAIR USE: The full version of this video was originally published here: The segment from which this video was extracted from begins at 40min 34 seconds here:

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