Scam? Drunk Craig Egan Declines Vaxxed Interview

Crunkin' Craig Egan raised over $7500 on gofundme promising to "refute" the Vaxxed tour bus with "facts and evidence" but declines invitation to board the bus for a discussion. All we've seen so far is a handful of drunk videos of nonsense. It appears the hardcore Vax Pushers got scammed into paying Craig to dispel a bunch of alcohol instead of "misinformation" in which they thought donating to his drunk tour would achieve. You'd think they'd send someone with some credibility, someone with credentials, someone who could actually speak about science without a hiccup of malt liquor, but they won't because they're all a bunch of cowards, just like Craig Egan. "Namaste!" Craig's drunk world tour page: FAIR USE: original source of this video can be found here

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