Antifa Activist Pushing For Homeschool Oversight & Mandatory Vaccinations Speaks on Behalf of CRHE at Assembly Hearing


“I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah”Kieryn Darkwater on

Meet Kieryn Darkwater, self-proclaimed Antifa activist and founding Board Member of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE). The CRHE is supposedly an organization of alumni homeschoolers who want more regulations on private homeschooling and they write public policy recommendations for legislators that infringe on individual liberties.

Here’s Darkwater at the Assembly hearing before the Education Committee on April 25, 2018, to speak in support of AB 2756 “on behalf of the CRHE and its 1000 members and supporters,” according to Darkwater.

David Taub, editor for, tweeted that only two people spoke in favor of the bill. Darkwater was apparently one of them.

Here you can see how strong the opposition is and why the bill was defeated.

It was reported that up to 3000 people showed up to defeat this bill.

The Criminal Turpin Case

Every homeschooling parent in California heard about the Turpin case. And every homeschooling parent knows how the media is being used to make a national stink about it while campaigning for more laws on the books that allow the state to infringe on homeschooling parent’s rights and the privacy they enjoy in their own homes.

It’s not surprising that the case made national headlines, but what are the chances they would all stuff “home school” into every headline and make THAT the main focus of this tragic case?



Guess Who Appears in Nearly Every Article Re: Turpin Case?

Google “Coalition for Responsible Home Education” AND Turpin and see how many different publications cite this organization.

Get the idea? You can do the Google search yourself here.

What are the chances every one of these news organizations would reach out to CRHE about the Turpin case and craft the narrative of this story to present the idea that we need more home schooling laws to prevent more tragic cases like this?

Based on the national attention the Turpin case has received, with “home-school” being the main focus and then the immediate legislation drafted in response, with the co-authors having a history for pushing mandated vaccine legislation like SB 277, it seems possible this group could be getting help from the very industry that would benefit most from stricter homeschooling laws that lead to mandated vaccines for a considerable sized population. A certain industry that has a major influence over corporate backed media and lobbyists prepared to draft these bills to push through legislation.

California Has a K-12 Enrollment Issue

According to the Department of Finance:

Over the next ten years, a DECLINE of 181,000 in total enrollment is projected, if current trends in fertility and migration hold, resulting in total enrollment of 6,040,000 by 2026-27.

So how many homeschoolers does California have?

According to CRHE, it’s about 200k. Interestingly, that’s about the amount they’re expecting enrollment to decline in next 10 yrs.

While California’s Student Enrollment is in Decline, Enrollment in Special Needs Programs on the Rise

Special Education Finance Hearing on Feb 28, 2018 – listen to just how serious this burden must be on the financial books. How are they going to pay for all of it?

Founding Board Members

From their website’s “Our Story” page, Kierstyn Darkwater is listed as founding member of the group who launched the organization in 2013:

In December 2013, Kathryn Brightbill, Rachel Coleman, Heather Doney, Kierstyn Darkwater, and Ryan Stollar launched the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, a nonprofit organization created to advocate for homeschooled children.

Darkwater is listed as Tech Director & Board Member on the CRHE website:

Kieryn Darkwater on Mandatory Immunizations



Here’s what 3 of the other listed founding members had to say about vaccines on Twitter:

CRHE Legislative Policy Analyst & Board Member, Kathryn Brightbill, on Vaccines

CRHE Co-Founder & Executive Director, Rachel Coleman, on Vaccines



Ryan Stoller on Vaccines


CRHE Recommends Policy That Would Require Homeschool Students be Vaccinated Same as Public School Students

Under “Medical Care” on CRHE’s Policy Recommendations web page, it states parents should not be allowed to opt out:

So, 4 out of 5 founding members have publicly voiced their personal opinions on vaccines on Twitter.

Look who wrote the LA Times article about the Turpin case. See if you notice the names.


There’s much more to be investigated and reported on with each of the members of this group but I’ll leave that to someone else, or, I’ll come back to that again another time if necessary.  For more info on what’s been tweeted out so far, follow this thread: 

For now, let’s continue on with Darkwater.

CRHE Board Member Wears Known Antifa Insignia With Three Arrows Patch



Searching for this symbol brings up many different variations.

And that led me to the discovery of the symbol’s origin, traced back to a group known as the “Iron Front”.

From Wikipedia:

The Iron Front (GermanEiserne Front) was an anti-fascistantimonarchist, and anti-authoritarian socialist paramilitary organization formed in the Weimar Republic. It was formed on 16 December 1931 by the Social Democratic Party (SPD) with the Allgemeiner Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (ADGB), the Reichsbanner and workers’ sport clubs[1] originally to counter the right-wing Harzburg Front formed by the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), the Stahlhelm and the German National People’s Party (DNVP). The organization sought to engage the old Reichsbanner, the SPD youth organization and labor and liberal groups as a united front. The SPD rallied to the Iron Front, held mass demonstrations, fought fascists in the streets and armed themselves. This is more than the SPD leaders wanted, but SPD workers grew increasingly revolutionary. In 1933, the organization was banned.

Read more at:

Darkwater Promoted Antifa Protest Held in Oakland at Event “They” Organized

Tweet shown below archived here:

Darkwater was the organizer of this event.

Libby Lee-Egan of East Bay for Everyone calls Darkwater the “Mayor of YIMBYtown”.

Archived here:

Mayor of YIMBYtown July 15 2017

It should also be noted that Darkwater is listed as a Board Member at East Bay For Everyone. This organization is another one that deserves some investigating as it appears to be a powerful movement that advocates for “Agenda 21” style stack-and-pack high-rise housing developments and could be a cesspool for cultural Marxism within our local governments.


Darkwater took an oath:


Darkwater Identifies as Activist, Anarchist, and Antifa, on Patreon Page


Darkwater Defends Antifa Protests and Other Activists

Archived of course:

Darkwater is Out Promoting for CRHE

Be on the lookout:


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