California Homeschool Bill Fails, Freedom Loving Parents Celebrate


The word is out. People are reporting that AB 2756 failed in today’s hearing before the Assembly Education Committee.

State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley tweeted:


David Taub of reported that no one made a motion to pass it and only two spoke in favor of it:

Vax Pushing Pro-Homeschool-Oversight Group Showed up to Push the Homeschool Bill

David Taub tweets:

Only two spoke in favor.

What a surprise! David Taub spotted someone from the CRHE. They were one of the only two groups there in favor of the bill. Remember, we learned this organization has a self-proclaimed Antifa member as a founding board member and their organization recommends policy that includes homeschoolers to follow same immunization requirements as public school students.

That’s right, folks! The group there in favor of the bill, pushing for more oversight and regulations against homeschoolers, also want mandatory vaccinations! For homeschoolers!

It’s listed right on their website:

More about that here: Antifa Activist Pushing For Homeschool Oversight & Mandatory Vaccinations Speaks on Behalf of CRHE at Assembly Hearing

Parents came out in force!

Parents are celebrating the victory:


And a friendly reminder from public policy consultant, Kevin Dayton: 

Opponents of – a warning for you: don’t let your guard down. Provisions can be stuck in the annual budget bill or “gut and amends” of bills can occur late in the legislative session. Best permanent solution is making the sponsors accountable to voters for what they did.

As of midnight, April 26, the status of this bill was not updated on legislation info website.



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