Reason’s Matt Welch Interviews Tom Woods


Tom Woods: The Making of an Anti-War Libertarian

Just a hunch, but I have a feeling Tom Woods is becoming the think tank for the Libertarian Party. If they rebrand and reform their platform under a Woods/Ron Paul anti-war principled model – they could become the perfect solution for the counter-culture sure to come by the 2024 election.

Unless a real contender emerges on the left by 2020 (doubtful), it appears Trump will serve a second term and the Democrats – at the rate they’re going – will not have anything left to salvage by then. Republicans will also prove to be just as bad as the Dems on our liberties. The public may just begin waking up in time and finally ditch the two party tyranny.

It’s a good thing to see Tom Woods coming in at this time. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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